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I mostly love my Realtor, Chapter 1…..

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Our’s is an interesting relationship, there is a lot of brotherly issues here.  First, I was introduced to my Realtor, we’ll call him Steve Fallwest to protect the innocent, by a fraternity Brother known fondly as “The Sneech”.

Over that past 3 months, Steve , his niece; we’ll call her Crash”, and the rest of Team Fallwest have been working with me and mine to find us a new home.  We’ve poured over hundreds of properties, and spent days visiting, looking, tendering offers, amending offers, and more.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving we finally found a suitable home, at a price I could afford (this is my third mortgage,) in a nice town, Castle Rock, Colorado. 

Another Brother fact, the listing agent is Steve’s Brother, Ken Fallwest….

Now get this, the house was built in 2003 and was the model home for the development, and NO ONE HAS EVER LIVED IN IT!  Basically its a brand spanking new house.  So what happens, well the inspection reveals some significant issues with the heating system, and some  minor but import issues with the roof and fireplace.   So I can’t get it appraised or lock in a committal until Freddie Mac commits to the repairs.

So here we are, in Asset Manager Limbo.  It’s not my Realtor I don’t like, he’s charming, funny, drives a nice car, is generous (apparently he just got an award for being generally nice or something, I need to check with Crash for the specifics,) and my daughter calls him Uncle Steve.

Anyway I thought I might mention him.  More on the saga later.

Next Chapter.  “Why is my Mortgage Broker’s nickname “Woody” instead of “Geo”?”

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