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This is so hard to do…

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

There are a number of people I know who blog, about religion, politics, technology and more, but only one person who actually writes anything I find even remotely interesting.  His name is Mike and he’s an American, originally from the Kansas City, Missouri, migrated to Connecticut, and subsequent excommunicated and voluntarily deport to Zürich, Switzerland.  His diet has evolved from BBQ, to Lobster and now marzipan and chocolate.

His blog is actually interesting and usually amusing.  It doesn’t hurt that he seems to find a wealth of material as an American Expat, but he does manage to make Switzerland much more interesting than it normally is, I mean it’s not like he was living in an exotic country like  China or Canada.

So Mike, I intend to use your blog for inspiration and you are going to be my Blog Mentor, my Blog Yoda, my blog Sensei.  I promise to use a dash of panache, a bit of humor and may be slip in a point now and then.

So while my self-important-self  loves the thought that I have this global soap box, that’s just puffery.  I have to think to myself “Why in the world would anyone want to hear me rant, rave or ramble on, I mean what the “H” “E” Double Hockey Sticks makes me so significant?”

Absolutely nothing about me, it’s really about everyone around me.

I think I shall try to be more “Like Mike“!

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