I’m really very disappointed in the quality of the presentations I’ve attended so far at IBM’s IOD conference. The people have been great, the food and facility top notch. But there’s no substance.

Frankly I am considering calling the airline and leaving today, there so much that I couldn’t accomplish here so many exemplars of how things shouldn’t be done that I doubt if I would ever consider comping back.

The keynote presentations have been loud, bombastic, pompous celebrations! BIG THIS, BIG THAT, THE THREE Vs. BIG BS!!!!!!!

I think IBM is screwing with success, particularly with the FileNet product family. Someone at breakfast today asked me to take a position.

If you were going to select any ECM product today to base your systems on what would you use?

Now I’ve worked with many systems; Oracle, EMC Documentum, Al Fresco, OnBase, Autonomy and all the FileNet products.

I really could not give an honest reply, I equivocated. On further reflection I think I would take a look at OpenText. (I don’t consider SharePoint an ECM application, it’s a digital landfill.)

It not that I think its better, I’ve simply lost confidence in all the others.

Hopefully IBM FileNet will stay usable until i can retire!

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